Winterthur promotes two new projects for CO2 reduction


Winterthur – The Stadtwerk Winterthur climate fund is awarding 75,000 Swiss francs to two initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. One wants to develop a recyclable stroller for rent, the other CO2-negative insulation materials based on plant carbon.

According to a media release, the Stadtwerk Winterthur climate fund supports two new projects: one promotes the circular economy, the other the decarbonization of Swiss buildings. Taken together, the Climate Fund is providing 75,000 Swiss francs for this purpose.

The Winterthur-based Loopi AG will receive 50,000 Swiss francs of this amount. The company already offers strollers for rent. Now it wants to develop a prototype that is designed for durability and recycling in its choice of materials and construction. This should enable more efficient maintenance and promote the circular economy.

Another 25,000 euros will go to basic research conducted by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa). Because today’s building insulation and building materials production generates significant emissions, she is working on CO2-negative and competitive insulation materials. They are to be incorporated into the soil at the end of their service life and thus sustainably bind CO2.

The Stadtwerk Winterthur Climate Fund has been promoting local and regional cleantech innovations since 2007. Customers of Stadtwerk Winterthur can make a voluntary contribution of 2 centimes per kilowatt hour of electricity purchased. As the municipal utility calculates, this amounts to around 8 francs per month for an average four-person household. mm