Cotierra receives 1 million dollars


Zurich – Cotierra AG secures early financing of 1 million dollars. The Zurich-based start-up has developed a method that uses biochar to improve the soil on coffee plantations and bind CO2.

Cotierra AG from Zurich has found a solution for extracting biochar from the remains of coffee bushes. This is intended to improve soil quality and yields on coffee farms and bind CO2, thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gases. According to a statement from Venture Kick, Cotierra has now secured pre-seed funding of 1 million dollars.

With the early financing round, Cotierra was able to secure the attention of investors such as Carbon Removal Partners, Climate Founders, Partners in Clime, S2S Ventures and business angels committed to climate protection.

“The seed capital will enable Cotierra to drive forward the development and test the practical feasibility of its innovative and cost-effective biochar reactor and the meaningful monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system in Colombia,” the press release states. The reactor developed by Cotierra for the production of biochar can be used decentrally by coffee farmers, which reduces logistics costs. The field studies are to be carried out on coffee plantations in Colombia. ce/js