“Business Sustainability Today” gives sustainability a face. To this end, we regularly create new video portraits of innovative companies that inspire with new solutions.

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It takes about 4 minutes to answer the questions. Directly after the online survey you will receive an automatic evaluation. Find out if your company meets the requirements for Early Business Sustainability, Advanced Business Sustainability or True Business Sustainability!

Please note that only one answer option can be selected. If several answers apply to you, please select the one that best reflects the focus of the company. Please click on the appropriate answer field:


All answers will be treated confidentially. Your details are stored solely on our server located in Switzerland and are doubly secured by security measures. If you prefer to give us your answers to the questionnaire orallyorally, please contact us using the contact form. If you wish, we will be happy to send you the question in paper form or by e-mail.

The survey methodology is based on the Business Sustainability Typology (BST) (see chart below). It determines the sustainability status of your organization.

Business Sustainability Typology

The methodology of the survey:

Sustainability Status - Business Sustainability Typology

Source: True Business Sustainability by Dr. Katrin Muff and Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick