The Green Mountain wins third PETA Vegan Food Award


Landquart GR/Schaan – The Green Mountain’s vegan steak (pork style) has won a PETA Vegan Food Award 2024. In the past two years, the pepper medallion and the vegan chicken fillet from the Graubünden start-up, which belongs to Liechtenstein-based Hilcona AG, have won awards.

The plant-based steak (pork style) from The Green Mountain has won the PETA Vegan Food Award 2024 in the best vegan steak category, the young Graubünden-based company, which belongs to Liechtenstein-based Hilcona AG, announced in a press release. “With its plant-based steak (pork style), The Green Mountain shows in an exemplary way that vegan and animal-friendly taste sensations are possible at any time and that no animal has to suffer for a steak,” Harald Ullmann, co-founder and second chairman of PETA Germany, is quoted as saying. “We hope that many other companies and brands will follow this pioneering example and also make their products vegan.”

Products from The Green Mountain have already convinced the jury of the animal rights organization PETA in the past two years. Last year, the vegan pepper medallion received the award for best vegan meat. The year before, The Green Mountain’s plant-based fillet was named the best vegan chicken fillet.

The Green Mountain describes its steak (pork style) as an “insider tip for the coming barbecue season”. The plant-based alternative aims to win over “even die-hard steak lovers” with its bite, taste and paprika marinade. “This special award underlines our many efforts to bring only premium products to the market,” explains Managing Director Werner Ott. “We will continue to enrich the vegan food market with delicious, purely plant-based and innovative taste highlights in the future.” ce/hs