H55 and BRM Aero now accepting orders for e-aircraft


Sion VS/Kunowitz/Friedrichshafen – H55 and BRM Aero are opening the order books for their B23 Energic electric training aircraft. It will be flown and presented from April 17 to 20 at Aero 24 in Friedrichshafen, Europe’s leading trade fair for aviation. It is due to be delivered from the beginning of 2025.

H55 and BRM Aero unveil their all-electric B23 Energic aircraft at Aero 24 in Friedrichshafen on April 17. It offers one hour of flight time plus reserves. The two-seater came from Switzerland and completed demonstration and passenger flights in the days leading up to Europe’s leading trade fair for general aviation.

It is built by BRM Aero, a manufacturer of two-seater training aircraft from Kunovice in the Czech Republic. Production and design approval has already been granted, according to a press release. The electric drive system with motor, motor control, battery packs and energy management systems was developed by H55, based in Sion. It has already been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency for the Compliance Check List. This is an important step on the way to its formal approval, according to the press release.

“We are delighted to launch the B23 Energic as the first CS-23-certified electric aircraft,” said André Borschberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of H55. BRM was one of H55’s first customers. “These electric training aircraft will pave the way for the development of larger electric aircraft needed to decarbonize aviation.”

BRM is now accepting pre-orders. The first 20 flight schools that opt for an all-electric and clean solution for pilot training will receive a special offer. It will be delivered from the beginning of 2025. “With the market launch of the B23 Energic, we are not just bringing a product onto the market, we are initiating a revolution in aviation,” says H55 CEO Martin Larose. ce/mm