Crosstown H2R enters into partnership with Sulzer and Fortum


Baden AG/Winterthur/Espoo – Crosstown H2R has entered into partnerships with the chemtech company Sulzer and the Finnish energy supplier Fortum for the market launch of its zero-emission burner. This enables gas turbines to be converted to CO2-free energy generation.

Climatech start-up Crosstown H2R, based in Baden, announces in a press release that it has entered into partnerships with the fluid engineering and chemical processing specialist Sulzer in Winterthur and the Finnish energy supplier Fortum. The aim of the cooperation is to enable gas-fired power plants to switch to CO2-free energy generation. The Crosstown team has reportedly received over 2 million euros in subsidies and grants from the Federal Office of Energy and other investors to further develop its proprietary technology.

With Crosstown’s technology, new turbines can be operated fossil-free right from the start. The existing infrastructure and turbines can be reused and made future-proof. The company has developed the first nitrogen oxide-compliant zero-carbon burner for the gas turbine industry, providing the technology for zero-carbon turbines in power generation and other areas. “I firmly believe that we can only really solve the global climate crisis if we develop new hardware approaches to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases,” Crosstown founder and CEO, S. Manoj Harasgama, is quoted as saying.

According to the press release, the partnership with Sulzer will give Crosstown rapid access to a market of more than 3,500 new and existing gas-fired turbines in Europe and tens of thousands more worldwide. At the same time, Fortum’s customers could be supplied with the H2R multi-fuel burner from Crosstown. ce/gba