Axpo focuses on wind energy and joins Suisse Eole


Baden AG – Axpo is becoming increasingly involved in the use of wind energy. A new team is to drive the development, construction and operation of wind turbines. The energy supplier has also joined the umbrella organization Suisse Eole.

The energy supplier Axpo is stepping up its activities in the field of wind energy. According to a media release, a working group has been established to advance the development, construction and operation of wind turbines. Axpo also joined the umbrella organization Suisse Eole on the occasion of the national wind energy conference in Bern on Wednesday, August 30.

“Our new team will work with conviction to develop wind energy projects that will not only help reduce CO2 emissions, but also provide important winter electricity,” Cédric Aubert, new Head Axpo Wind Switzerland, is quoted as saying. “That’s why Axpo is currently evaluating suitable sites for wind turbines in Switzerland.”

Today, there are 42 wind turbines in Switzerland with about 150 gigawatt hours of production, according to the Axpo release. According to federal studies, however, there is a potential of nearly 30 terawatt hours of wind energy. “We should definitely use more of that. After all, wind energy is a valuable form of energy in the Swiss electricity mix, especially since wind turbines produce around 2/3 of electricity in winter,” Aubert continues.

Membership of Suisse Eole will allow Axpo to “share best practices, create synergies and advance the development of wind power projects in Switzerland,” said Cédric Aubert, who was instrumental in driving the Mollendruz wind project in the Vaud Jura.

With the new team, the knowledge of Axpo’s subsidiary CKW in Swiss wind projects and with 30 years of experience of its subsidiary Volkswind, Axpo is well prepared for the expansion of wind power in Switzerland, the statement continues. In Germany and France, Axpo has developed more than 80 wind farms with a total capacity of over 1470 megawatts with Volkswind. ce/gba