Researchers launch online test for circulatory capacity


Bern/Zurich – Researchers at Bern University of Applied Sciences and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have developed an online tool that companies can use to test their own circularity. The module is intended to promote the circular economy in Switzerland.

Researchers at Bern University of Applied Sciences(BFH) and the Swiss Economic Institute(KOF) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich(ETH) have developed a module that can be used to test a company’s circularity online. According to a press release, the Circularity Check is intended to show the status of a company’s transformation to a circular economy.

Users can enter their company data into the module, which is then compared with representative data from the KOF company panel. Around 9,000 companies across the country were surveyed on their circular activities for the panel. With this database, comparisons can be made both within Switzerland and within sectors. This enables a user company to determine its own status in the transformation to the circular economy. The data considered for closing loops include: renting instead of buying, remanufacturing products, repairability and extending service life.

According to the press release, the researchers see the importance of the online test in the fact that only 10 percent of Swiss companies are currently implementing activities in the circular economy. ce/ww