Enshift automates path from large buildings to net zero


Baar ZG – The new cleantech start-up enshift supports the transformation of large commercial properties to local and renewable energies with its complete digital solution. It is designed to automate and simplify the entire process. Well-known investors believe in the platform.

The young Baar-based Cleantech enshift offers owners of large commercial properties a complete digital solution for the path to net zero. According to a media release, it will automate and simplify the complete transformation process towards local and renewable energy.

According to the information provided, its instruments include everything needed for conception, award, financing, realization and performance optimization. It spans the life cycle of all currently available renewable energy technologies.

“We have set our 2050 net-zero targets, but the path to get there is completely unclear for the construction and real estate sector,” founder and CEO Pierre Bi is quoted as saying. “We believe our solution can accelerate transformation and increase energy retrofits in Europe by a factor of 3.” As a sign of its “strong will” to make a positive contribution to change, enshift offers commercial building owners in Switzerland free property and potential analyses.

Bi had already launched Aeris Cleantech. The company, which focuses on air purification, was acquired in November 2021 by iRobot, a North American specialist in cleaning robots.

In the first stage of a seed financing round, Bis new company enshift has raised 3.5 million francs. International investors such as Israel’s Sarona Ventures, Vevey VD-based OneCreation and, via Berlin-based Global Founders Capital, the founder of startup accelerator Rocket Internet, Oliver Samwer, participated. Meanwhile, 20 engineers and developers are reportedly working at enshift, while the first green energy projects are already entering the implementation phase. ce/mm