Parliament clearly approves CO2 Act


Bern – The National Council and Council of States have clearly approved the revised CO2 Act. Switzerland should halve its CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 1990. An increase in the CO2 levy was dispensed with, as were new levies and a binding reduction in Switzerland.

The revised CO2 Act received clear approval in the final vote in Parliament. The Council of States adopted it by 42 votes to one with one abstention. The National Council adopted it by 122 votes to 42 with 27 abstentions.

This makes it clear how, in the view of Parliament, Switzerland should halve its CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 1990. The majority of the reduction is to be achieved domestically. However, contrary to the wishes of the National Council, Parliament has not agreed any fixed domestic reductions. These must now be determined by the Federal Council. Basic installations for the charging infrastructure for electric cars are also not to be funded by the federal government. The CO2 levy will remain at CHF 120 per tonne. No new levies will be introduced, unlike the previous proposal, which failed in 2021 and provided for an air ticket levy. However, aviation fuel is to be blended with renewable fuel in the future.

Economiesuisse welcomes the law as “effective and sensible”. It shows “how an effective climate policy with majority support can be implemented without symbolic politics and unrealistic demands”, writes the umbrella organization in a press release. The danger of a referendum has been averted, but if it were to take place, it would have little chance at the ballot box.

swisscleantech is different. “The result is disappointing,” writes the energy transition association. In view of the lack of a domestic target and the stagnating incentive taxes, it is clear that Switzerland will only be able to achieve its halving target by 2030 with a lot of compensation from abroad. ce/stk