Contreag puts hydrogen-powered vehicle into operation


Winterthur – Contreag Container-Reinigungs AG is using its first hydrogen-powered vehicle. By 2040, the entire fleet is to run on alternative drive systems. Contreag also pays attention to sustainability in the cleaning process itself.

Contreag Container-Reinigungs AG is now using a hydrogen-powered cleaning vehicle in the canton of Zurich. “Hydrogen is the drive technology for long-haul truck operations of the future,” Contreag managing director Fritz Lüdi is quoted as saying in a corresponding announcement by the specialist for cleaning containers. “As pioneers with this technology, we want to help maintain the quality of life in our beautiful Switzerland.”

The ENGINBUS Bluepower 40 L ENA 4×2 has a range of 300 kilometers and is powered by an electric motor with a rated output of 250 kilowatts via two fuel cells. The four hydrogen tanks with a capacity of up to 16.4 kilograms can be refueled in five to ten minutes. During operation, neither CO2 nor nitrogen oxide or soot particles are emitted, but only pure water vapor.

As soon as sufficient plants for the production of hydrogen with solar energy are available, Contreag intends to use such emission-free produced hydrogen. By 2040, the entire vehicle fleet is to be converted to hydrogen or an alternative zero-emission drive system. Contreag has reserved a cleaning vehicle with an all-electric drive for the end of 2023.

The Winterthur-based company also pays attention to sustainability in the cleaning process itself: The containers are cleaned in a closed system using process water without chemical additives. The wastewater is then 80 percent recycled. ce/hs