Designwerk distributes new superlative charging station


Winterthur/Altishofen LU – Designwerk Technologies AG is now distributing its new charging system for electric commercial vehicles. The technology for the megawatt charging station in container format comes from an ongoing demonstration project. The first system is to be installed at Galliker Transport in 2024.

Winterthur-based Designwerk Technologies AG has developed and presented a new megawatt battery charging system for electric commercial vehicles. According to Designwerk, Switzerland’s first megawatt charging station in container format is due to go into operation at Galliker Transport AG in Altishofen in 2024.

According to a press release, the transport industry is dependent on high-performance charging technology for its commercial vehicles. This is the only way to achieve decarbonization on long-haul routes and in continuous or shift operation. For this reason, Designwerk announced the development of a new, particularly powerful charging station a year ago as part of a demonstration project.

The battery-buffered Mega Charger with two charging points has now been presented to 80 industry experts at the company’s headquarters. It is equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries. They have a capacity of up to 2 megawatt hours. The charging power and battery capacity are adapted to the customer’s needs. According to the information provided, sales are already underway.

The project group is based on the international charging standard Megawatt Charging System (MCS). There are not yet any vehicles with the MCS standard. However, Designwerk has “impressively demonstrated where the journey of our industry is heading in terms of electromobility,” Andreas Burgener, Director of auto-schweiz, the association of official automobile importers, is quoted as saying. “I think it makes sense to design charging parks to be scalable and to take standards such as the MCS into account.” ce/mm