Hilcona focuses on more robust potato varieties


Schaan – The food producer Hilcona is pushing the cultivation and processing of robust potato varieties. They should be more climate-resistant and require fewer pesticides. In addition, losses are to be avoided both during sorting after the harvest and during processing.

Hilcona launches a potato offensive. According to a press release, the internationally active Liechtenstein-based company intends to promote both the cultivation and processing of robust potato varieties. This is Hilcona’s response to challenges such as the consequences of climate change, new regulatory requirements regarding the restricted use of crop protection products and the ongoing pest and disease pressure.

“We are convinced that it takes the commitment of everyone involved along the value chain to find long-term solutions,” says Andrea Gerber, who is responsible for sustainability at Hilcona. It is therefore becoming “increasingly important for Hilcona to network and work together”.

For example, Swisspatat, the organization of the Swiss potato industry, has concluded a target agreement with the Federal Office for Agriculture to promote robust varieties. Hilcona Agrar is also testing new varieties in its fields again this year “to investigate their resistance to late blight and their suitability for processing,” explains its manager Andreas Messerli.

In addition, Swisspatat announced last fall that it would adjust the acceptance conditions for potatoes in order to reduce food losses. For example, the tolerance for tuber grading or for certain defects is to be extended. According to Hilcona, it also tries to find the best possible solution for each batch in terms of processing. ce/mm