Bühler and Entocycle scale insect breeding


Uzwil SG/London – Bühler will work with London-based insect breeder Entocycle to advance the implementation of industrial production facilities for black soldier flies. The Uzwil-based processing technology specialist has already realized corresponding projects in France and the Netherlands.

Bühler and Entocycle have entered into a partnership to further advance the implementation of industrial production facilities for black soldier flies (BSF). According to a media release from Bühler, one of the world’s leading processing technology companies based in the St.GallenLake Constance area, they intend to work together to create scalable total solutions for breeding operations.

Here, Bühler will contribute its expertise in technology for processing feed substrates, rearing larvae, and processing them into end products on an industrial scale. Entocycle contributes its own breeding technology. Bühler has already realized important projects in this area: In 2019, the company supported Protix in building the world’s first commercial BSF plant in the Netherlands. And in one of the most recent projects, Bühler supplied the first industrial BSF system for Agronutris in France.

The industrial use of BSF as an alternative protein source is gaining importance among companies, Andreas Baumann, Head of Market Segment Insect Technology at Bühler, is quoted as saying. “To accelerate the scaling of this industry, we need to help lower the barriers for companies to enter this business.” With Bühler, Entocycle aims to realize BSF large-scale plants worldwide, according to its founder and CEO Keiran Whitaker, in order to “contribute to a more sustainable and efficient global food system.” ce/mm