Dominique Mégret becomes CEO of Ecorobotix


Yverdon-les-Bains VD – Dominique Mégret will take up the position of CEO of Ecorobotix on March 1, 2024. By taking over the position, the founder and former CEO of Swisscom Ventures intends to contribute his expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence and innovative precision mechanics to Ecorobotix.

Dominique Mégret will take up the position of CEO of the agtech company Ecorobotix, based in the canton of Vaud, on March 1, 2024. According to a press release, Dominique Mégret is an experienced technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has built up and managed the Swisscom Ventures capital fund over the past 17 years. Swisscom Ventures had capital of 600 million dollars and a portfolio of 90 investments, including Ecorobotix.

The new CEO replaces Aurélien G. Demaurex, who took over the position as an interim solution in July 2023. With the appointment of Dominique Mégret, the development of innovative technological precision mechanics using artificial intelligence is expected to progress. Among other things, Ecorobotix has developed the intelligent ARA precision field sprayer, which reduces both chemical and energy consumption.

“As someone who comes from a farming family and grew up with the use of crop protection products, the discussion about reducing chemicals and their impact on the environment and our health is close to my heart,” the new CEO is quoted as saying in the press release. “I am determined to help find effective technical solutions to tackle this problem on a large scale.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Dominique as CEO. With his extensive experience in start-ups and scale-ups, he will lead the company through the upcoming expansion phase”, explains Hans-Peter Metzler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecorobotix.

Swisscom manager Isa Müller-Wegner also welcomes the move from Mégret to Ecorobotix. “It’s great that Dominique Mégret will be the new CEO of Ecorobotix, in which Swisscom Ventures has invested in recent years,” says Head of Group Strategy & Business Development. ce/ww