Winterthur is looking for front runners


Winterthur – The city of Winterthur is setting up an incubator for start-ups in the field of climate and energy as part of the Front Runner funding program. The winners will be provided with premises at Technopark Winterthur for six months and will be supervised by the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Technopark Winterthur and the Center for Entrepreneurship at the School of Management and Law at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences(ZHAW) are looking for start-up companies in the energy and climate sectors for their early-stage support program. The program runs for two years and is one of the implementation programs organized by the city of Winterthur as part of the Front Runner project of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Here, Winterthur qualified for the execution of one strategy project and three implementation projects.

The now launched early-stage funding offers support over six months to start-ups developing innovative products in the fields of energy and climate, informs Technopark Winterthur in a statement. Specifically, during this time the startups receive workspace in the coworking space at Technopark Winterthur, coaching vouchers worth 2,000 Swiss francs, free access to all Startup Campus offerings, the opportunity to network with investors, experts and talent, and to participate in seminars and events. The Runway Startup Incubator, operated by the Center for Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, organizes the mentoring of the young companies.

Interested startups can still apply online to the Runway Startup Incubator for a first season until March 5. With go4disruption, borobotics and Kohlenkraft, three start-ups have already qualified for participation in the program, which begins in April. hs