Technology fund supports mobileup


Zurich/Bern – The technology fund has added mobileup to its portfolio. The Bern-based start-up is thus one of the companies to receive a guarantee for contributions to climate protection. Mobileup has developed a platform for refurbished smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Mobileup is now one of the young companies supported by the Technology Fund in its commitment to climate protection through a guarantee. “We recently became a portfolio company of the Technology Fund,” mobileup co-founder Beat Hafner enthuses in a corresponding post on LinkedIn. The Technology Fund established by the Federal Office for the Environment in connection with the CO2 Act promotes innovations that reduce greenhouse gases, save resources, increase energy efficiency or promote the use of renewable energies.

Mobileup has developed an online platform for selling used smartphones, tablets and wearables. In the process, an algorithm matches search queries with existing inventories. In addition, the Bern-based start-up has a large network of suppliers for used electronic equipment.

In the post on LinkedIn, Hafner quotes from his company’s assessment: “The Technology Fund office concludes that mobileup promotes the economical use of resources (Article 35(3) of the CO2 Act) by extending the life and useful life of electronic devices through remanufacturing, quality assessment and the recycling that this enables.” In addition, the business model of the young Bernese company is considered to have market potential. hs