Raiffeisen and Mobility promote e-cars


St.Gallen/Rotkreuz ZG – The cooperatives Raiffeisen and Mobility are working together on more mobility through electric vehicles. In front of 16 Raiffeisen banks, one electric vehicle including a charging station has now been placed for car sharing via Mobility.

Raiffeisen and Mobility have been promoting the use of electric vehicles for a year in an effort to achieve CO2-neutral mobility. The two cooperatives, based in St.Gallen and Rotkreuz, announced their partnership a year ago, according to a media release. Since then, individual Raiffeisen banks throughout Switzerland have had the opportunity to place a Mobility electric car at their branches. The division of labor looks like this: The bank provides the parking space and contributes to the operating costs. Mobility provides the vehicles and the charging stations. An electric vehicle including a charging station has already been placed in front of 16 Raiffeisen banks. This year, the number will again increase significantly, according to Mobility.

“It’s great that so many Raiffeisen banks have decided to actively support car sharing,” Stefan Roschi of Mobility is quoted as saying. However, the potential has not been exhausted. Many Raiffeisen banks had expressed interest in a car-sharing location at one of their branches. “We expect to open about twice as many Raiffeisen locations again in 2023,” Roschi added.

A new car-sharing location was opened at the Raiffeisenbank in Château-d’Oex VD in early December 2022, with an electric car that not only draws power but also returns it to the grid when needed. The vehicle is part of Mobility’s V2X Suisse pilot project to investigate the potential of bidirectionally charging cars. In the process, the fully charged car can supply electricity to other consumers as needed. In this case, it serves as an energy store. gba