Nachhaltige Shrimps aus der Schweiz: SwissShrimp AG
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Sustainable shrimps from Switzerland: SwissShrimp AG

In the second year after entering the market, SwissShrimp AG has already sold almost 20 tons of sustainably produced, antibiotic-free shrimp in Switzerland. The company is thus making a contribution to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being for sustainability-conscious consumers who do not want to do without shrimp. […]

Mobile Aeroponics Farming, growing lettuce the green way
Solar Impulse Solutions

Mobile Aeroponics Farming, growing lettuce the green way

Food waste is not only one of the world’s biggest environmental problems – it accounts for about 10% of CO2 emissions – but also reflects a highly inefficient system. In fact, society emits carbon to grow, harvest, transport and package food, one-third of which ends up in landfills where it releases methane, a very polluting greenhouse gas. None of this makes sense. […]