Green Business Award 2021 | Portrait of the finalist PackOnTime 2box by Kern AG

The solution explained in one sentence:

The innovative multi-format packaging system PackOnTime 2box enables the production of corrugated cardboard boxes in the optimal size for any type of order.

Target audience:

PackOnTime 2box’s target group consists primarily of commercial distributors who have a centralized shipping system – be it online retailers, stationary retailers with Click&Collect, manufacturers with direct shipping or logistics service providers (3PL).

The advantages for the environment:

By sizing the packages correctly, less corrugated cardboard is used and no plastic, air cushion or polystyrene chip fillings are required. This reduces material consumption and the CO2 footprint. In addition, the packaging machine requires less space than conventional packaging productions – so energy and CO₂ are also saved due to less space.

Background Information:

The PackOnTime system determines the packaging volume based on the shape of the contents, selects the appropriate corrugated cardboard blank from a stock of different sizes, cuts, perforates and creases it individually, erects the blank, fills and seals the package with hot glue. In addition, a delivery note or invoice can be inserted in the parcel before it is sealed and a shipping label can be attached at the end.

PackOnTime 2box is a new solution from the Swiss family-owned company Kern AG. The group is present in over 50 countries and employs around 750 people. The PackOnTime brand represented an innovative expansion of the company. The system can be used to pack parcels weighing up to 20 kg. Only one person is needed to operate the machine. The system works in five steps: Placing and measuring the articles, feeding the corrugated cardboard sheets, processing the corrugated cardboard, packing the articles, closing the packaging.

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