ClearSpace enters next development phase


Renens VD – ClearSpace has simplified its structures in order to reduce industrial risks and increase cost efficiency. The European Space Agency (ESA) has now given the green light for the continuation of the mission to remove space debris under the leadership of the German company OHB.

ClearSpace can continue its mission to detect and dispose of space debris. Following the first phase of ClearSpace-1, the Renens-based start-up has adapted its internal structures together with the European Space Agency ESA. The structure of its industrial team has been simplified in order to reduce industrial risks and enable rapid and cost-efficient implementation, according to a press release.

ESA then gave the green light for the continuation of the preparation phase. The consortium is led by the Bremen-based space and technology company OHB.

“We are honored to partner with OHB and continue to pioneer in-orbit servicing with the ClearSpace-1 mission,” Luc Piguet, CEO of ClearSpace, is quoted as saying in the press release. “We are convinced that a strong partnership between startups and established large prime contractors brings out the best of both worlds to develop reliable, competitive and scalable products and services in an agile and dynamic collaboration.”

ClearSpace, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne(EPFL), has launched a test mission to capture disused satellites. In the new phase of the program, the ClearSpace-1 mission will now capture the Proba-1 spacecraft, which has been in service with ESA for 20 years, and initiate a targeted return to the atmosphere, where the spacecraft will then burn up. ce/ww