Green Business Award 2021 | Portrait of the winner Futuricum by Designwerk Products AG

The solution explained in one sentence:

Futuricum produces electric trucks, mobile fast chargers and modular battery systems for electric vehicles.

Target audience:

The Futuricum electric trucks can be used for any application in different segments such as recycling, distribution, construction, agriculture and forestry logistics.

The advantages for the environment:

In addition to the carbon footprint of trucks with internal combustion engines, the further energy inefficiency of trucks is also a problem – for example, they are often operated in the partial load range and a lot of braking energy is lost during “stop-and-go” operation.

The emission-free and quiet operation of electric commercial vehicles can make a significant contribution to the reduction of pollutant emissions and noise protection in cities. In addition, Futuricum vehicles enable rapid acceleration and the recovery of energy released during braking.

Background Information:

Designwerk is a Swiss company that has been manufacturing electric vehicles under the “Futuricum” brand since 2017. Futuricum is the brand of Designwerk Products AG for electric commercial vehicles. The name is a tribute to the former Zurich vehicle manufacturing pioneers of Turicum (the ancient name for Zurich). The brand originated from a lighthouse project in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Volvo Trucks, Contena Ochsner AG and other partners. In April 2021, Volvo Group acquired 60 percent of Designwerk Group.

Futuricum trucks have four electric motors and 680 horsepower. The battery systems designed in-house ensure short charging times, reliable power supply even under the most intensive conditions and ranges of up to 500 kilometres.

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