EcoRobotix – environmental prize winner 2018

ecoRobotix develops, manufactures and distributes innovative energy-saving agricultural machines. These reduce the environmental pollution associated with modern agriculture and at the same time cut costs.

Vision and goal

The vision of the company is to contribute to an environmentally friendly agriculture that focuses on soil and water conservation. The goal is to provide accurate, safe, reliable and affordable robotic solutions that simplify farmers’ lives and produce healthy food.

The robots move according to a predefined RTK GPS route and also operate with solar power, so no charging is required. This allows them to operate up to 12 hours per day without human control. Precise spraying does not affect crops, which means that 90% less herbicide is needed. The light machines also avoid soil compaction and thus preserve the organic life of the soil.

Types of the robot

Currently there are two types for different applications.

On the one hand, the company provides the weed robot, which avoids the widespread use of herbicides. Through targeted and precise application it is possible to use exactly the right amount in the right place. On the other hand there is the Phänomobil for scouting and phenotyping. The robot is completely autonomous and very light.

Winner of the Environmental Award of the Economy

On 23 October 2018 ecoRobotix has won the first edition of the Environmental Prize of the Economy. “The price means a lot to us,” said Aurelín, the CEO of ecoRobotix. “When we started the project, our first motivation was to use the technology for the benefit of nature. My business partner comes from a farming family, so it was natural for us to focus on ways to reduce the negative impact of agriculture on the environment. This award shows us that we are on the right track, and that is a great recognition.”

The Business Environment Prize is sponsored by the Swiss Environmental Foundation and the association “Go for Impact”. The prize honours Swiss companies that combine ecological innovations with economic success.

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