Federal Council to facilitate conversion from combustion engines to electric


Bern – The Council of States is calling on the Federal Council to facilitate the conversion of combustion engines to electric cars. In doing so, he is endorsing a corresponding vote by the National Council on a motion from the ranks of the SP. It must now be implemented by the Federal Council.

The Council of States has adopted a motion by Ticino SP National Councillor Bruno Storni by 36 votes to 2, the parliamentary services reported in a press release. The Council of States has thus endorsed a corresponding vote by the National Council. The motion calls on the Federal Council to ease the hurdles for converting road vehicles with combustion engines to run on electric motors.

At the meeting of the Council of States on March 6, the spokesman for the preliminary consultation committee, Stefan Engler (center/GR), argued that the conversion of vehicles already in use is often desired. Studies have also shown that the conversion of combustion engines is more ecological than the production of new electric cars. According to Storni’s motion, however, such a conversion is currently practically impossible in economic terms due to excessively strict regulations.

The Federal Council had spoken out against accepting the motion. A conversion permit can already be issued for a series of vehicles, but further simplifications are not possible for safety reasons, Environment Minister Albert Rösti is quoted in the press release from the discussion in the Council of States. However, following the vote to the contrary by the National Council and the Council of States, the Federal Council must now implement the motion. ce/hs