MeduSoil secures 5.2 million Swiss francs


Lausanne – The start-up MeduSoil has raised 5.2 million Swiss francs in a financing round. The specialist for biocementation intends to increase its production and sales activities and expand its presence in Switzerland and Europe.

MeduSoil has raised 5.2 million Swiss francs in a post-seed financing round. According to a press release, this round was supported by existing investors.

Founded in 2018, the young company is a pioneer of innovative and sustainable binders for the building materials sector. Their basis is biomineralization. MeduSoil speaks of at least 55 percent less CO2 emissions. At the same time, structural performance is guaranteed without compromise. Applications include earthworks, special foundations and protective measures that increase the resistance of the built environment to natural hazards.

According to the press release, this financing round represents an important milestone, as MeduSoil has been included in the Technology Fund ‘s portfolio. Dr. Dimitrios Terzis, CEO and co-founder of MeduSoil, describes this as “a strong confirmation of our vision and the innovative progress we are making in the field of sustainable construction”.

The start-up also received funding from Innosuisse ‘s program for innovation projects. In this way, the Swiss Innovation Agency supports young companies in the realization of science-based innovation projects with significant innovation potential before they enter the market. ce/mm