Neumühle closes the textile loop


Zurich/Arco – Neumühle is launching a recyclable vest. Mono Vest Wood is made entirely of polyamide 6. For the recycling process, the Zurich-based label collaborates with the Italian company Aquafil.

Neumühle has made the circular breakthrough: after three years of development, the Zurich-based label is launching a circular vest. The Mono Vest is made entirely of polyamide 6 plastic, Neumühle explained in a statement.

In the first attempt, Neumühle had been able to demonstrate the recyclability of three of the four components of its Mono Vest. In the second attempt, the water-repellent coating of the vest was also made recyclable. The Mono Vest will be presented in its 2023 edition called Wood until September 9 at the Zurich Design Weeksin the exhibition Design for Circularityat Bäckereistrasse 26.

For the textile-to-textile cycle, Neumühle cooperates with Aquafil S.P.A.. The Italian company, with 20 sites worldwide, produces the recyclable yarn Econyl. For this purpose, Aquafil has created a network of fiber waste collection points. The vests taken back by Neumühle at specially set up collection points are also fed into the production of Econyl yarn. “By incorporating it into the Econyl regeneration system, which is powered exclusively by renewable energy, the complete recycling of our vest occurs without any loss of quality or downcycling,” the release states. “Converted into new Econyl yarn, it can be used to make future Mono Vests.” ce/hs