Bern University of Applied Sciences attracts two start-ups


Zollikofen BE – Kidemis and Gaia Tech are moving to the Bern University of Applied Sciences site in Zollikofen. There, the two start-ups want to further develop their products together with researchers. Both use agricultural by-products for their developments.

The two start-ups Kidemis and Gaia Tech are based at the Bern University of Applied Sciences(BFH) School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences(HAFL) in Zollikofen. They want to further develop their products there together with researchers, as detailed in a press release. Both companies are working on sustainable solutions for the future and therefore fit in with BFH’s strategy.

Kidemis wants to generate protein feed for fish from agricultural by-products. It uses a specially developed fermentation technology for this purpose. The start-up is now working on the production process together with the Bioconversion Research Group and the Aquaforum at BFH-HAFL as well as the Department of Engineering and Information Technology at BFH.

Meanwhile, Gaia Tech obtains valuable natural substances for the cosmetics and food industry from by-products of food processing. The start-up now wants to further validate its extraction technology at the BFH-HAFL Food Hub and thus prepare for market entry.

“With innovative processes, state-of-the-art infrastructure and creative research teams, we provide optimal support for start-ups,” Elisabeth Eugster, Head of the Department of Food Science & Management at BFH-HAFL, is quoted as saying in the press release. The establishment of the two young companies was reportedly achieved in collaboration with Standortförderung Bern. ce/ssp