Switzerland has a new concept for energy research


Bern – The Energy Research Commission and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy have presented the Confederation’s new energy research concept. It relates to the years 2025 to 2028. The focus is on political measures, energy systems, living and working, mobility and industrial processes.

In the years 2025 to 2028, energy research in Switzerland will continue to focus on a holistic view of the energy system. It should take into account both technological and social science aspects. This is the result of the federal government’s new energy research concept. It was drawn up by the Federal Energy Research Commission together with experts and researchers.

According to a press release from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, they have defined five priority areas for this. The first, business, society and political measures, should support the switch to renewable energy and the increase in energy efficiency with sound knowledge. The focus on energy systems is intended to develop solutions for integrating renewables into the energy system. These include flexibility mechanisms and storage technologies.

The third focus is living and working. The aim is for research to find innovative solutions for energy-efficient and climate-friendly living, renovation and construction. The mobility focus area is intended to develop solutions for the provision, storage and efficient use of energy for transportation. The fifth focus is on solutions for the use of renewable energies and the efficient use of energy in industrial processes. ce/mm