reCIRCLE presents new vending machine cup

Bern – reCIRCLE AG presented its new reusable cup at the Igeho trade fair. The OTY vending machine cup was specially designed for use within companies. It can therefore also be provided with a color or logo of your choice.

reCIRCLE AG presented its new reusable cup for vending machines and cup dispensers at the Igeho trade fair in Basel. The OTY vending machine cup is designed to save tons of paper, writes the Bern-based company, which was launched in 2016, in a press release. “This cup is the result of extensive field research, intensive collaboration and a typical example of successful eco-design; the cup can be used hundreds of times and then recycled,” reCIRCLE CEO Jeannette Morath is quoted as saying.

The new cup is not intended for the reCIRCLE catering network, but for use within companies. They can therefore choose the color of the cup or have it branded with their own logo. “In this way, companies reinforce their commitment to the environment, employee loyalty and it becomes easy to successfully implement a change in behavior; namely reusing instead of throwing away,” says Morath. “Reuse encourages us to tackle other environmental issues.”

Interested companies are supported by reCIRCLE in the introduction of a reusable system. The Bern-based company not only supplies the reusable packaging, but also solutions for implementing collection and cleaning. In addition, assistance is provided with the communication required to change behavior. ce/hs