Prix SVC Eastern Switzerland 2024 goes to Zindel United


Gümligen BE – Zindel United has won first place in this year’s Prix SVC Ostschweiz. Märchenhotel AG and Huber Fenster complete the podium of innovative SMEs in the region honored for outstanding achievements.

Zindel United from Maienfeld GR has won this year’s Prix SVC Ostschweiz, the Swiss Venture Club(SVC) announced in a press release. The award recognizes innovative companies in the region for outstanding achievements that can achieve sustainable economic success. “Zindel United is implementing its vision – developing complete solutions from ideas for future generations, inspiring people and protecting the environment – in an exemplary and pioneering way,” jury president Andrea Fanzun is quoted in the press release from his laudatory speech.

Zindel United specializes in construction-related services. The family-run company, now in its eighth generation, is committed to the circular economy in the construction industry. To this end, Zindel United relies on local raw materials and, according to the company, is making “a relevant contribution to achieving the 2050 climate targets with Switzerland’s first verifiably CO2-neutral concrete”.

Märchenhotel AG from Braunwald GL and Huber Fenster AG from Herisau AR were awarded the silver and bronze medals in the competition. The multi-award-winning fairytale hotel for families with children has developed into one of the largest tourist employers in the canton of Glarus since it was founded in 1977. Now in its fifth generation, Huber Fenster AG specializes in custom-made windows and façade elements that meet the architect’s specifications. ce/hs