Novaziun launches all-electric single-axle truck


Vella GR – The machine manufacturer Novaziun has developed an electric single-axle implement carrier. It is the first electric single-axle tractor in the power class around 20 kilowatts. The agricultural machine does not emit toxic fumes, is quiet and easy to operate even on slopes.

Novaziun AG, based in Vella, has launched an electrically powered single-axle implement carrier. The concept of the monotrac is unique in its performance class and therefore patent-protected, according to a media release.

Accordingly, the agricultural machine has a direct electric drive without intermediate hydraulics. Li-ion batteries are installed. These can store energy for a full day in the field, five to nine hours.

The monotrac is also suitable for use in remote locations such as an alp that is not connected to a power grid. Because it can store solar power during the day with an appropriate device, which is then used at times when there is no sun. Or it can be used as a power bank for other power tools and implements like a milking machine. Overall, the monotrac is reportedly three to four times more energy efficient than a conventional single-axle tractor.

In addition to the resulting lower operating costs, the device does not produce noise and toxic fumes. This protects the health of the users behind the device, as well as the environment.

On difficult terrain, even on steep slopes, two powerful drive motors enable safe maneuvering. “Turns in tight spaces are child’s play thanks to the zero-turn mode,” the media release states.

Charging at a standard household outlet takes ten hours. With an external quick charger, monotrac is ready for operation after one and a half hours. The device can be tested at various demonstration opportunities. The next field evening will take place on August 17 in Versam GR. ce/ko