Renercon leads preliminary project for waste heat recovery in Beringen

Beringen SH/Knonau ZH – The waste heat from the planned data center in Beringen is to be used for district heating. A project group led by the Renercon cooperative is to draw up a preliminary project and present the basis for a project that is ready for tendering and investment by the end of 2024.

Stack Infrastructure Switzerland SA is building a data center in Beringen by 2025. The Swiss subsidiary of the global specialist for large data centers, the canton and the municipality want to use the waste heat for the region’s district heating networks. The Zurich engineering company Amstein + Walthert presented a feasibility study on this in March on behalf of the Schaffhausen building department.

According to a statement from the canton, a project group has now been formed under the coordination of the Schaffhausen Economic Development Agency to draw up a preliminary project. The group is managed by Renercon, a renewable energy cooperative based in Knonau. It also includes the regional energy service providers EKS, Holzenergie Beringen and SH Power as well as Stack Infrastructure as the landowner.

The project group is to present the basis for a project ready for tendering and investment by the end of 2024. Among other things, this involves an energy hub that distributes the waste heat to the region’s heating networks. The group will also examine whether this hub can be used for seasonal energy storage. ce/stk