NFP 73 Podcast | Investments in the processing of construction waste into secondary raw materials must pay off for companies

Switzerland is not a country rich in raw materials. The most important raw materials extracted domestically are mineral building materials such as gravel. At the same time, large quantities of mineral raw materials are stored in our buildings, roads and other structures. Today, construction, waste, and excavation from new construction account for the vast majority of waste. This raises the question of how to close the loop in construction. Barbara Dubach talks to Susanne Kytzia about the interplay between business and politics, how construction waste can compete with primary raw materials, and an early recycling fee.

Publication of this podcast on cycles in construction is courtesy of NRP 73.

The series “Sustainable Economy” is a podcast of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) that provides access to the findings of the National Research Programme “Sustainable Economy: resource-efficient, sustainable, innovative”(NRP 73). In each episode, Barbara Dubach, Head of Knowledge Transfer for NFP 73, speaks with renowned researchers who have worked on one of 29 research projects. In less than 20 minutes, listeners will receive evidence-based, actionable facts for the shift to a sustainable economy.