NRP 73 Podcast | All hospitals can optimize their operations in terms of sustainability.

Healthcare has the fourth largest environmental footprint after food, mobility and housing. Nevertheless, there have hardly been any comprehensive sustainability analyses to date. Which processes in a hospital are particularly harmful to the environment and how can they be made more sustainable without sacrificing healthcare? Findings from this research project have already been put into practice and integrated into a parliamentary proposal of the Grand Council of the Canton of Bern. Barbara Dubach talks to Matthias Stucki and Regula Keller about win-wins, vegetarian menus and optimized purchase intervals in hospitals.

Publication of this podcast on cycles in construction is courtesy of NRP 73.

The series “Sustainable Economy” is a podcast of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) that provides access to the findings of the National Research Programme “Sustainable Economy: resource-efficient, sustainable, innovative”(NRP 73). In each episode, Barbara Dubach, Head of Knowledge Transfer for NFP 73, speaks with renowned researchers who have worked on one of 29 research projects. In less than 20 minutes, listeners will receive evidence-based, actionable facts for the shift to a sustainable economy.