MSCI raises ESG rating of Leonteq


Zurich – MSCI has raised Leonteq’s ESG (environmental, social, governance) rating from A to AA. This puts the Zurich-based fintech in the top 25 out of a total of 63 diversified financial firms evaluated worldwide.

The American financial services provider MSCI has raised Leonteq ‘s ESG rating from A to AA. With a range of AAA to CCC, this puts Leonteq among the 25 most sustainable of 63 rated diversified financial companies worldwide, the Zurich-based fintech explained in a statement.

A few months ago, Leonteq was also given an ESG risk rating of 12.3 by Sustainalytics. The Dutch sustainability ratings specialist uses its ESG Risk Rating to assess the potential financial impact of ESG factors on a company’s business performance. Ratings of over 40 indicate serious risks, while ratings of under 10 indicate negligible risks. The value of 12.3 continues to assign Leonteq a small risk, according to the release.

“Sustainability is an integral part of our 2026 growth strategy and we firmly believe that our focused approach in this regard will create long-term value for all our stakeholders,” Leonteq CEO Lukas Ruflin is quoted as saying in the release. “Since 2021, we have been taking targeted action to promote sustainability and responsible behavior throughout the company, and we are pleased to receive external recognition for these efforts.” ce/hs