Ecospeed launches new function for CO2 balancing


Zurich – Ecospeed has developed a function that enables companies to calculate the CO2 emissions of their individual electricity mix. These are also compared with the corresponding country-specific value. This allows us to show the effects of our own commitment to sustainability.

Ecospeed has added a new function to its software of the same name. In the latest version, the CO2 emissions resulting from the company’s own individual energy mix can be calculated, the Zurich-based company, which specializes in software for the CO2 footprint of companies and products, explains in a press release. The company-specific electricity mix plays a major role in the CO2 footprint in the context of sustainability reporting.

In the new function, the value from the individual energy mix is also compared with the country-specific CO2 footprint as a reference value. “This allows Ecospeed users to see the effects of their own generation or purchase of green electricity,” Sabine Bödefeld, Senior Consultant at Ecospeed AG, is quoted as saying in the press release. “This reflects how much better the company is at any given time compared to national energy production.”

The new function is available to users immediately after registering with Ecospeed. According to the company, more than 2000 companies and municipalities across Europe use Ecospeed’s software to calculate their CO2 and carbon footprint. ce/hs