Lanur, Loopi and OceanSafe nominated for Swiss Design Award


Kilchberg ZH/Winterthur/Bern – Three member companies of NextGenerations (NG) will decide this year’s Design Award in the category Circular Design among themselves. Only Lanur, Loopi and OceanSafe with his DualCircuit T-Shirt are nominated. Other NG members have participated in their projects.

The Circular Design category of this year’s Design Preis Schweiz is dominated entirely by members of the NextGenerations association. A total of 250 projects competed in seven categories. Of these, 29 projects were selected for the finals, three of which were in the Circular Design category.

Lanz Natur AG, based in Kilchberg ZH, has submitted its Lanur cosmetics line. It is produced entirely according to the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) principle. These include the C2C-certified plastic containers from the Bavarian supplier Bayonix, such as the C2C-certified packaging from Vögeli, based in Langnau BE. The certifications were carried out in each case by epeaswitzerland GmbH, based in Bäch SZ.

Loopi in Winterthur is a spin-off of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The founders first wanted to establish a rental of strollers. Now, the Winterthur-based company manufactures the recyclable stroller itself. It consists of single-variety materials that can be replaced, repaired and recycled.

OceanSafe, based in Bern, Switzerland, has designed its own circular garment, the Dual Circuit T-Shirt. It is already being used in Swiss civilian service. The used T-shirts can be industrially composted or reprocessed into basic fiber components.

The design award will be presented on November 3. The prize money is between 5,000 and 10,000 Swiss francs. Even before that, on October 26, NextGenerations will discuss how circular business models can be scaled at its 6th symposium in dispo space Nidau. ce/stk