EMS-Grivory offers bio-based base material for ski boots


Domat/Ems GR – The polyamide manufacturer EMS-Grivory is offering a new bio-based flexible base material for sporting goods. With this new development, the company aims to reduce the ecological footprint of its products and promote sustainability.

EMS-Grivory, a manufacturer of polyamides based in the canton of Graubünden, has developed a new base material for sporting goods. According to a press release, the partially bio-based polyamides of type PA 610 should have the same flexibility and stability properties as the PA12 polyamides produced to date. The products are mainly used in injection molding in the manufacture of ski boots.

According to the press release, footwear manufacturers now have access to the new PA 610 polyamides Grilamid 2S XE 10901 NATURAL (very high flexibility) and 2S XE 11364 NATURAL (medium flexibility). The bio-based polyamides also exhibit stable and flexible material properties at different temperatures. As with PA12, the new products do not stiffen the material at low temperatures, as is the case with polyurethanes.

The polyamides PA 610 are made from 30 percent long carbon fibers and are suitable for injection molding. Work is currently underway on the development of a fully bio-based plastic PA1010, and initial test results are already available, according to the company. ce/ww