Bakery Bakery launches a pilot project with the University of Bern


Bern – The vegan bakery Bakery in Bern starts a pilot project with the University of Bern. A new type of cafeteria is to be created, with a changing menu, sustainability, affordable catering, learning oases, rooms for students with children, and much more.

Vegan bakery Bakery is launching a joint pilot project on behalf of the University of Bern, according to a media release. In the process, he said, a refectory should be created, but it should not look like one. The aim of the project is to unite the various areas, according to a statement from the bakery, which is headquartered in Bern. So there should be a changing offer, with sustainability, inexpensive food options, learning oases, rooms for students with children and other facilities not usually available for a refectory.

Bakery Bakery’s focus is on balanced supply planning, according to the release. Pasta, salads and various hot dogs are complemented by the basic assortment of the Bakery. The offer should be inexpensive, varied and 100 percent vegan. The aim is to help guests understand the value and benefits of a sustainable and vegan diet. And it will be shown how easily this can be done today.

“The project with the Bakery Bakery offers a good platform to try out new things and to take these experiences with us for sustainable catering at the University of Bern,” Rebekka Strahm is quoted as saying, Managing Director of the Foundation Mensabetriebe of the University of Bern.

The project will be realized on Gertrud-Woker-Strasse in Bern. More than 100 seats are to be opened for students, employees as well as for external guests. Opening is on Monday, September 4. ce/gba