Hilcona links recipes with climate database


Schaan – Hilcona AG is the first food group to introduce a so-called CO2 score. It provides information on the climate friendliness of foods in Hilcona’s 600-recipe database. In addition, it is intended to counteract food waste.

Hilcona is bringing positive climate change to the plate, according to a media release: The Liechtenstein-based food producer has integrated a so-called CO2 score into the Hilcona Foodservice recipe collection. The company is supported scientifically by the Zurich-based Eaternity Institute. It reportedly leads the world in calculating food sustainability.

“We are linking Eaternity’s already proven climate database with Hilcona Foodservice’s extensive recipe database,” Axel Dröge, project manager and Hilcona Foodservice manager concept development, is quoted as saying in the release. “This joint exchange between the two systems means that from now on there is a unique opportunity for chefs to get actively involved in the environment in the simplest way possible, without sacrificing enjoyment.”

The well over 600 professional kitchen recpete in German, English and French can be filtered via a cloud-based database according to the new CO2 Score and also according to the so-called Nutri Score. In addition, the recipes are also intended to assist both private and professional cooks in purchasing the right amounts of food. This is to prevent food waste. For the food service industry, Hilcona says this means “a radical change in which sustainability finally gets the substance the term deserves.” ce/ww