Wetzikon votes for the district heating network


Wetzikon ZH/Zurich – The voters of Wetzikon approve the foundation of Fernwärme Wetzikon AG. Energie 360° and the city of Wetzikon will jointly operate the district heating network. It will supply 50 percent of households with heat from wastewater treatment and sweepings.

On September 3, the voters of Wetzikon approved the foundation of Fernwärme Wetzikon AG. The district heating network with waste heat recovery will supply up to 50 percent of Wetzikon households with CO2-neutral energy from 2025. According to a media release, the energy service provider Energie 360° and the city of Wetzikon will become joint shareholders of the new public limited company with 40 and 60 percent respectively.

The new joint-stock company will conclude long-term heating contracts with the Wetzikon wastewater treatment plant and Kehrichtverwertung Zürcher Oberland (KEZO). The district heating is to be brought from the KEZO Hinwil to Wetzikon via a transport pipeline and distributed to the households from there. The energy center is planned at the outdoor swimming pool in Wetzikon.

“With energy networks, it is important to use locally available heat sources,” Romeo Deplazes of Energie 360° is quoted as saying. “In Wetzikon, district heating from waste recycling is available, which is ideal.”

“The sooner we can realize district heating Wetzikon, the better,” thinks city councilor Heinrich Vettiger. “This way, we become less dependent on fossil fuels from abroad and use regional waste heat that accumulates anyway.” With its many years of experience and in-depth expertise, Energie 360° is the ideal partner.

According to its own information, the energy service provider is already building and operating energy networks around Lake Zurich for various municipalities and companies using lake water. In Dielsdorf ZH, waste heat from data centers will be used to supply up to 3,500 households with heat in the future. ce/gba