Reseda plans new projects with fresh capital


Winterthur/Flurlingen ZH – Reseda has achieved its goal of increasing its capital by 1 million Swiss francs through crowdfunding. The manufacturer of locally produced furniture made from Swiss wood now wants to finance a second-hand platform for certified Reseda furniture by selling a further 3,000 shares.

Four days before the end of the campaign on the crowdfunding platform OOMNIUM, Reseda reached its goal of increasing its capital by 1 million Swiss francs. Founded 18 years ago in Winterthur, the company manufactures furniture entirely in Switzerland and exclusively from local wood. They are sold without intermediaries.

According to a press release, the company intends to use the capital increase to further improve its products in terms of quality and ecological footprint, in particular by investing in a timber warehouse, building long-term relationships with Swiss forest owners and various other projects, all of which will be made possible by the new solid wood panel production facility in Flurlingen.

As Reseda now glues the wood itself, the company can also take control of and monitor the purchase of the raw wood, according to the company presentation on OOMNIUM. “Our aim is to source the majority of our wood directly from Swiss forest owners in five years’ time, without any intermediaries.” The company therefore wants to “continue to grow, but not primarily by expanding into new stores, but by offering an even better, more convincing product”.

Four days before the end of the campaign, Reseda shares had already changed hands to 262 swarm investors. This prompted those responsible to decide to extend the campaign and utilize the full scope of the planned capital increase: a further 3,000 shares are available for CHF 1,000 each until 11 December. Reseda intends to use the additional capital to realize another project close to its heart: the establishment of a second-hand platform for the sale of certified used Reseda furniture. ce/mm