Initial situation

In the past, sustainability and the environment were primarily risk management or compliance issues. Today, companies have to align their business in such a way that they are fit for the future. How can companies transform today’s challenges into new business opportunities? How can they make a positive contribution to climate change or renewable energy, while generating added value for society and their own organisation?

This is where Business Sustainability Today and the Action Campaign Sustainable Switzerland come in and offer an overview of the possibilities for action per SDG. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for solving challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate crisis, environmental degradation, peace and justice by 2030. The SDGs thus offer guidance for companies and consumers, as well as starting points for corporate innovation.


Business Sustainability Today is intended as an overarching hub for all sustainability activities in Switzerland. The Action Campaign Sustainable Switzerland aims to inspire companies and decision-makers with portraits of innovative solutions and to explain the SDG topics with valuable insights from experts in the field. In this way, companies should be motivated to see social challenges as opportunities and to contribute to the SDGs with their own projects or business models. The aim is therefore to change both awareness and behaviour, by demonstrating that sustainability and business success are compatible.


In order to present and categorise the numerous activities in Switzerland, the SDGs serve as an orientation framework. With an introductory article for each SDG, the topic is placed in the Swiss context. In addition, we work with various partners to publish solutions, expert opinions and further information per SDG. Clicking on SDGs that have not yet been addressed will take readers to the federal government’s information page.