AIA brings art and science together


Zurich – The initiative We are AIA – Awareness in Art is currently involved in two major art projects that focus on awareness, art and science: the Zurich event series Co-Habitations and the interactive exhibition Experimental Ecology – Art x Science in Dialogue in Basel.

The We are AIA – Awareness in Art initiative brings technology, science and ecological knowledge into dialogue with art. At the moment, this is happening in the context of two major projects: In Zurich, Energy Giveaway is taking place at the Humuspunk Library until October 21. The project, to which the initiative around founder Martina Huber invited the Swedish team Regenerative Energy Communities as curator, is part of the event series Co-Habitations, which started in May. The focus of this project by Kunstraum AIA is the question: How do we want to live – now and in 100 years?

The encounter landscape, in which human and non-human forms of coexistence are artistically tested, is located at Wilderplatz near Zurich’s main train station. There, for example, group dynamics were explored within the framework of co-habitations using choreographic tasks, or participatory construction with plants was explored with various partners, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. The city and its plants also play a role.

In general, AIA focuses on giving space to innovative ways of thinking about the future. In doing so, AIA addresses five themes: global inequalities, biodiversity conservation, digitalization challenges, social responsibility and equality.

This is also evident in the interactive exhibition EXPERIMENTAL ECOLOGY – Art x Science in Dialogue at the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger, which is on display until October 29. There, AIA founder Huber and Gianni Jetzer, director of the Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, document the discussions of interdisciplinary teams on current and pressing issues in ecology, biology and climate research in five thematically different projects. ce/mm