Horw optimizes properties in terms of energy technology


Horw LU – The municipality of Horw wants to reduce the CO2 emissions of its municipal properties. By 2036, 17 properties are to be optimized in terms of energy technology. Horw plans to invest 16 million francs in this project.

The municipality of Horw wants to gradually optimize the energy efficiency of its municipal properties. The start will be made by 2028 with the Kastanienbaum and Hofmatt school buildings, the fire station building, the works yard, a council-owned apartment building on Roseneggweg and the checkroom building at the Seefeld sports facility, the municipal administration explains in a press release. Further buildings, including the other school buildings in the municipality and the community center, are to follow by 2036. Optimization measures are already planned for a total of 17 buildings.

The municipal council wants to comply with the residents’ council’s mandate to reduce the CO2 emissions of the municipal building stock as far as possible before 2040. The plans for the 17 properties that have now been selected are detailed in the supplementary report Climate-friendly building stock in the municipality of Horw. According to the report, the CO2 emissions of the 17 properties can be reduced by around 75 percent. The costs for the corresponding measures are estimated at a total of CHF 17 million.

In the case of energy-efficient refurbishments, properties and measures should be placed in an appropriate relationship. “The potential for reducing greenhouse gases, but also the structural condition of the properties and the life cycle of the individual parts of the building are essential for prioritizing the properties,” the press release states. Thermal insulation, a switch to climate-friendly energy sources or the installation of solar systems are mentioned as possible measures. The costs should “remain at an acceptable level and be spread over the planned period”. ce/hs