Conspark and madaster train in circular construction management


Zurich – Conspark and madaster switzerland are joining forces for a circular construction industry. They offer manufacturers of building products, architecture and planning offices, as well as building owners and the public sector, a specific course on putting circularity into practice.

Conspark, a consultancy firm for sustainable construction, and madaster switzerland, a platform for the circular economy in real estate, are joining forces to transform the construction industry into a circular one. To this end, the two partner companies offer target group-specific training courses for manufacturers of construction products, architecture and planning offices as well as building owners and the public sector. The first course is aimed at manufacturers of construction products and will be offered for the first time on April 16. The first courses for architecture and planning offices, building owners and the public sector are scheduled for May 16 and June 6. After the launch, the three courses will be offered on an ongoing basis.

“The cooperation between conspark and madaster is a perfect match,” Florian Robineck, Managing Director and founder of conspark, is quoted as saying in a press release issued by his company. “While conspark provides the expertise in the circular economy, madaster offers the technological tool for implementation.” This interaction is intended to provide participants with practical skills for integrating circularity into practice in their own context.

In the course, manufacturers of construction products are given answers to the question of how they can position themselves in the circular economy and use this as a market advantage. Architectural and planning offices receive assistance in integrating circularity into their own designs. Building owners and the public sector in turn learn how to create a circular property strategy that enables them to increase the attractiveness of their portfolio. ce/hs