Zurich is committed to sustainable gastronomy


Zurich – The city of Zurich, together with Gastro Stadt Zürich and healthy3.ch, is launching a charter for climate-friendly gastronomy. Already 50 companies have joined the project.

The city of Zurich promotes sustainable and future-proof gastronomy. Together with the projects Gastro Stadt Zürich and healthy3.ch, a charter was therefore adopted, according to a media release, in which resident catering businesses declare their support for environmentally friendly offerings. The initiators of the charter, to which 50 catering establishments in Zurich have now signed up, base their work on the fact that around one third of the environmental impact and a relevant proportion of CO2 emissions in the city of Zurich are caused by food. The catering industry has a 40 percent stake in the company, according to the statement.

To improve this situation, the city of Zurich offers a new consulting concept. The focus here is on converting gastronomic offerings to attractive vegetarian and plant-based foods. In the case of meat dishes, attention should be paid to portion size, origin and quality of the meat, as well as holistic use, explain the signatory catering establishments.

“We are convinced that with the charter and the new advisory service, we can strengthen Zurich’s catering industry on the path to greater sustainability and thus make an important contribution to the city’s net zero target, particularly in terms of indirect emissions,” City Councillor Andreas Hauri, head of the City of Zurich’s Health and Environment Department, is quoted as saying. eb