Zurich brickworks put first photovoltaic system into operation


Regensdorf ZH – Zurich Brickworks has completed the first construction phase for its large photovoltaic plant. With around 680 kilowatt peak, a quarter of the planned total output has been connected to the grid. Now solar panels are to be installed on the remaining roof areas as well.

The Zurich brickworks recently began producing the first quarter of its total planned photovoltaic output. As the Regensdorf-based company states on LinkedIn, this means that around 680 kilowatt peaks are connected to the grid: “Thanks to this first phase, we are already generating clean energy.”

It is produced on two large roof areas that are completely covered with solar panels. An attached video shows in fast motion “how hard we’ve been working on our heart’s project over the past few months.” The company is “overwhelmed by the interest” it has received for this so far and thanks the positive response, “which spurs us on.” Now the remaining part of the roof surfaces will also be equipped with solar panels.

The Zurich brickworks are now once again in Swiss hands as part of the swisspor Group. Prior to that, they were owned for more than 20 years by the Wienerberger Group, one of the world’s largest brick producers headquartered in Vienna. As a Zurich brickworks, the company has existed since 1912. ce/mm