Zurich and South Pole cooperate on climate protection advice


Zurich – Zurich Resilience Solutions and South Pole are joining forces to advise companies on climate resilience and net zero measures. A climate-conscious commitment by companies makes economic sense, but is also increasingly relevant for stakeholders, he said.

The two Zurich-based companies Zurich Resilience Solutions(ZRS) and South Pole will collaborate in the future to support companies in climate protection measures. According to a media release, the core of the cooperation is a holistic climate strategy in the transition to net-zero emissions and climate resilience. The offer is to be launched in Germany and Switzerland after the USA.

The environmental consulting services of South Pole, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and the expertise of ZRS, which is part of Zurich, will result in a holistic climate strategy for companies and create the basis for effective climate protection and adaptation measures. In implementing their shared environmental ambitions, the focus is on measuring physical climate risks and emissions and a strategy for minimizing factors that harm the climate.

According to the two partners, climate protection measures are having an increasing impact on economic success, and not only within operational business activities. Target groups also demanded transparent presentation of solutions with which companies actively address the minimization of their environmental risks, including along the value chain.

The release quotes the Climate Disclosure Project as saying that the financial benefits of climate action are at least 15 times higher than the costs of the corresponding risks. South Pole CEO Renat Heuberger agrees: “Companies that fail to demonstrate their progress in building resilience and reducing emissions are likely to pay dearly in terms of their reputation as well as financially.” heg