Zurich adopts circular economy strategy


Zurich – Zurich wants to use the circular economy to reduce indirect emissions of greenhouse gases by 30 percent by 2040. It was the first Swiss city to adopt a corresponding strategy. Business and society should only use sustainable products and materials.

The city of Zurich was the first in Switzerland to adopt a circular economy strategy. Circular Zurich is intended to help ensure that the economy and society in the city use only sustainably designed products and materials, it writes in a statement.

The city sees itself in a role as a role model and innovator. It aims to create knowledge for the circular economy, offer spaces and platforms for implementation, and set appropriate economic incentives and framework conditions. “We need to think circularly about design and production processes in order to extend the life of materials, products and buildings,” Councilman Andreas Hauri is quoted as saying. “This not only benefits the environment, it also opens up opportunities for the economy and society.”

For capital goods, it strives for buildings and infrastructure that are fit for the future, the reuse of existing buildings, components and materials, and the use of renewable and local resources. For consumer durables, the city focuses on renting and sharing, as well as reusing, repairing, and recycling products. For short-lived products, it focuses on reducing waste, collecting it and recycling it whenever possible. stk